Roderick Slavcev, HBSc., PhD., MBA, MRSB. C.Biol

Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Science
School of Pharmacy
University of Waterloo  


educational info

Honours Bachelor of Science, Human Biology (1995), University of Toronto
Doctor of Microbial Genetics (2002), University of Saskatchewan
Master of Business Administration, Biotechnology Management and Commercialization (2006), Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan

about roderick

Roderick Slavcev specializes in microbial genetics and biochemistry of nucleic acids with experience in both academic and industrial settings. Prior to gathering valuable marketing and clinical experience as a medical liaison for the pharmaceutical industry he completed his post-doctoral fellowship at the Department of Medical Genetics and Microbiology at the University of Toronto in the area of bacteriophage P1 plasmid partition and chromosomal segregation. His current research group comprises Mediphage Bioceuticals (MB) encompasses genetics, molecular biology, virology and technology transfer with the ultimate aim of bringing new treatments to the global environment, especially less developed countries. MB research projects focus on the exploitation of bacteriophage-based biotechnology and include the use of coliphages and phage-encoded genes and genetic elements to design and construct vectors for the development of novel vaccines, biopharmaceuticals and gene therapy systems, and the identification and application of novel phage genomic anti-bacterial genes to treat and dispose of the clinical culprits of global bacterial infection.

Roderick comes to the University of Waterloo with a MBA specialized in biotechnology management and commercialization. As the Professor of Business and Entrepreneurship, Roderick currently directs and delivers the School of Pharmacy's award-winning business curriculum initiative. He was also instrumental in the designing and development of the first Medical Microbiology Laboratory to be offered by a Canadian Pharmacy curriculum and leads the development of a Continuing Education initiative to bring Strategic Management and Leadership to practicing pharmacists.