BioPharma Technology Management and Commercialization

The strategic development and commercialization of novel and incremental bio/pharma technological innovation is rapidly expanding across all industries and with it comes the need for adept management of the process. Effective management involves ensuring technological precaution such that the risks and ambiguities associated with advanced technologies are minimized. Additionally, management must be strategic to maximize the successful achievement of corporate objectives based on the alignment of internal resources with the external environment. The transfer of technology from lab to market and successful propagation is usually impeded by a lack of cohesion between scientific understanding and business adeptness. This course also serves to analyse and connect scientific principles underlying novel and incremental technologies with strategic management and the commercialization process from an entrepreneurial perspective.

Understanding the current scenario and possessing the ability to manage both biotech and pharma represents a goldmine in sought capabilities. While biotech will like form half of the Canadian GDP over the next ten years, without the proper management to critically appraise the scientific and commercial validity of new therapeutics, many commercially meaningful and society‐impactful drugs may never see the light of day. This course aims to train students to apply their pharmacy skills to bridge the gap between science and business and learn to
meaningfully evaluate new therapeutics and to strategically bring them from the lab to market.