iPHAGEs are intelligent PHage-Assembled Gene Expression systems. These bacteriophage-based DNA delivery platforms are efficient, safe, inexpensive, scale-able, temperature-stable and easy to manipulate.

Bacteriophage Encoding and Assembly of Ministrings (BEAM)

We are working on a novel one-step therapeutic production platform utilizing filamentous phage M13 to produce phage-encapsulated DNA ministrings in E. coli. Phages are exploited for drug delivery because they are safe, easy to produce, and genetically versatile. With BEAM, we seek to combine the delivery capabilities of phage with the safety and efficiency of DNA ministrings.

      HIV Vaccine         Applications using iPHAGEs

Our lab focuses on the exploitation of phage display to design and develop a therapeutic phage-based HIV vaccine. A hybrid phage that combines the display of professional antigen presenting cell-targeting ligands onto λ capsid protein gpD along with a phage genome-encoded HIV eukaryotic cassette will be developed. The eukaryotic cassette will carry the gene of interest (GOI) to the intended cellular recipient for the production of the VLP vaccine candidate.