Mediphage Bioceuticals represents a highly motivated team of multidisciplinary professionals that focus on state-of-the art research, education and technology transfer.

We manipulate naturally occurring phage entities in order to develop new therapeutics, vaccines, antivirals, cosmeceuticals and industrial products. Our goal is to engineer novel therapeutics that meet the global need for treatment in a multitude of areas employing novel biotechnological platforms including: an HIV therapeutic vaccine; a universal gram-positive antibacterial therapeutic, a universal mycobacterial and EHEC therapeutic/vaccine, an ovarian and colorectal cancer therapeutic, an acne therapeutic...and many others to come. Phages represent a simplistic solution to a complex problem. Although different phages vary with respect to thermostability, they can be freeze-dried rendering them temperature-resistant and thus are capable of packaging and shipping to warmer climates within a reasonable time period. These attributes contribute to the value of these nomadic genetic entities in addition to the endless and priceless reservoir of genetic information they carry to combat human disease on a global scale.

We aim to manipulate phages and their encoded systems to create “intelligent” biologics that purvey superior therapeutic value and global accessibility, particularly with respect to the treatment of M. tuberculosis, clinically relevant Gram-positive infections, HIV and ovarian/colorectal cancers.