Our Company

Mediphage Bioceuticals is a genetic medicines company located at JLABS in Toronto, Ontario. Our flagship technology, ministring DNA, is a unique gene delivery vector that has the potential to cure genetic diseases that have limited, or no treatment options available. We are currently developing world-class genetic medicines that utilize our ministring DNA platform technology to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from genetic diseases.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and commercialize personalized genetic medicines that are safe, effective and accessible for patients suffering from genetic diseases worldwide.

Our Vision

Develop a gene therapy platform that can empower cures for all genetic diseases.


Core Values


We put patients first

We focus on enabling patients to live long and healthy lives

Safety is our priority

Unlike other solutions, we do not believe in compromising safety for effectiveness


Global impact

We are developing genetic medicines for global use and impact


Affordable medicine

We believe medicine should be affordable and accessible for everyone