Welcome to Mediphage Bioceuticals!


Mediphage Bioceuticals (MB) is a School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo based research group that focuses on the manipulation of bacteriophages to develop new therapeutics and cosmeceuticals. At approximately 1031 phages on the planet these natural parasites of bacteria offer a virtually limitless genetic antibacterial reservoir. Phages are genetically malleable entities that possess excellent potential for the exploitation toward the development of industrial, agricultural, and particularly medical biotechnological product and process innovations. MB strives to exploit the natural attributes of phages to engineer novel therapeutics for potential global usage with particular attention to the treatment of disease states that plague less developed countries. Our areas of interest, specialization and therapeutic design include:
  • Development of Super-Lytic Nanoparticle (SLN) technology against S. aureus,  M. tuberculosis and P. acnes

  • Alzheimer's lytic phage display-based prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines

  • Lipoplexed Safe DNA (LSD) highly specialized and targeted non viral gene therapy technology with current applications toward ovarian cancer and HIV VLP-DNA vaccines

  • Technology transfer of biologics


MB is a community-focused group that has a mandate of acting locally for global impact. Its faculty, staff and student members are heavily involved in the organization and participation in charitable endeavours both locally and globally. We welcome input and support for our cause from all who share our vision.