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Ministring DNA, is a novel gene delivery vector that paves the way for personalized, redoseable genetic medicine that is safe, effective and accessible. While competing vector technologies often compromise patient safety to ensure effectiveness, our technology is both safe and effective. With its unique linear covalently closed “string” topology, ministring DNA boasts a number of capabilities that allow it to outperform existing solutions and unlock the transition into true personalized genetic medicine.

  • Safer composition and design

  • Nonimmunogenic

  • Redoseable and titratable

  • Larger vector capacity

  • Scalable and efficient production

  • Site specific targeting

  • Affordable


We are currently developing genetic medicines for inherited ocular diseases for which treatment options are limited or do not exist entirely.


Mediphage is actively seeking partners interested in evaluating ministring DNA through a joint feasibility study which can lead to the use of ministring DNA as part of a therapeutic solution. Specifically, within gene or cell therapy and gene editing categories, we are interested in T-cell and B-cell applications, DNA vaccines, iPSC, CRISPR and rAAV production.

If you are interested in partnering with us, we want to hear from you.



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