Ministring DNA

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Ministring DNA, is a non-viral gene delivery vector that paves the way for personalized, redoseable genetic medicine that is safe, effective and accessible. While competing vector technologies often compromise patient safety to ensure effectiveness, our technology is both safe and effective. With a unique linear covalently closed “string” topology, ministring DNA boasts a number of capabilities that allow it to outperform existing solutions and unlock the transition into true personalized genetic medicine.

  • Safe: Ministring DNA is devoid of bacterial genetic elements, making it non-immunogenic and safe for use in patients. In addition, it has a built in safety switch to prevent undesired chromosomal integration and gene therapy-associated mutations.

  • Effective: Due to its linear topology and minimal size, ministring DNA demonstrates significantly higher transfection rates in many different cell types. It also contains specialized sequences to improve nuclear localization, resulting in higher transgene expression in target cells.

  • Resodable: Ministring DNA can be administered in a redosable and titrtatable manner, enabling genetic medicines that are truly personalized to an individual’s dosage needs.

  • Versatile: Ministring DNA is capable of delivering any gene of interest, regardless of the size and number of transgenes. As a platform technology, the applications of ministring DNA are virtually limitless.

  • Efficient Production: Mediphage Bioceuticals has developed a proprietary process to enable rapid, and cost-effective production of ministring DNA. We believe in affordable medicine, and strive to develop therapeutics that are accessible to patients worldwide.

Therapeutic Development

Mediphage Bioceuticals is developing genetic medicines for Stargardt’s Disease, a juvenile onset inherited ocular condition caused by a mutation in the ABCA4 gene. As a result of this mutation, patients experience progressive to complete vision loss during childhood and young adulthood. At current, there are no treatment options for Stargardt’s Disease. Due to the large size of the ABCA4 gene, existing vector technologies have been unsuccessful in safely delivering the large therapeutic gene to patients. Taking advantage of the unique capabilities of Ministring DNA, Mediphage Bioceuticals is focusing its internal efforts on developing a curative treatment for Stargardt’s Disease and other ABCA4-associated diseases.


Mediphage is actively seeking partners interested in evaluating Ministring DNA through a joint feasibility study which can lead to the use of ministring DNA as part of a therapeutic solution. Specifically, within gene or cell therapy and gene editing categories, we are interested in T-cell and B-cell applications, DNA vaccines, iPSC, CRISPR and rAAV production.

If you are interested in partnering with us, we want to hear from you.